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50 Peaks Challenge Now Underway – Move. Give. Thrive!

Janette dreamed up her 50th Birthday Challenge that began in June of 2017 with 3 Key initiatives in mind:

Move. Climb 50 Peaks around the World-inspire people to elevate their energy and health to new heights, a cornerstone that fuels results.

Give. Magnetize $50,000 in donations per Peak for global projects and charities impacting education, orphan adoption, poverty, hunger, clean water, the environment, veterans’ programs, healthcare and more!

Thrive! Teach transformational principles along the journey and empower participants to learn and action key skills and tools to truly transform their lives while connecting with a global community of heart centered difference makers. Participants can follow Janette through Peak Week on her YouTube Channel and FB Live as she circles the globe…stay tuned for more on how You can get involved and connect in the global You At The Peak community. Janette will be sharing incredible stories from the communities she visits you won’t want to miss!

The Peaks

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  • 50 Peaks
  • 50 Peaks

Peak #1 Machu Picchu, Peru

To kick off the 50 Peaks Challenge, we journeyed to the Peruvian Andes and the sacred site of Machu Picchu! Janette shared the joy of this trail with a very special group of children who had been orphaned, abandoned or come from impoverished backgrounds. They currently reside in a group home called Ninos Del Sol in Urubamba, Peru. She spent a week with these remarkable children as part of a voluntourism program created by Marcy Cole, PH.D., founder of Childless Mothers Adopt 501c3 (

Peakanthropy Spotlight: CMoMA-Childless Mothers Adopt, 501c3.
MISSION: To promote the connection between those without children and children in need, though adoption, foster care, sponsorship and mentorship.
VISION: To provide education, community, financial assistance and transitional support to childless individuals and couples who are interested in adopting orphaned children in need, both domestically and internationally.

When Janette met Marcy Cole, CMoMA Founder, she was inspired to assist CMoMA’s Post Adoption Transition Help (PATH) program combining her expertise in both transformational coaching support with speech pathology consulting for parents adopting orphaned children, many of whom have special needs. Janette’s Families At The Peak program will be starting in July of 2017 with the first 10 families. We are currently raising funds to cover this program as well as support technology to deliver ongoing training and connection with Ninos Del Sol.

Janette has donated the first program ($3,000) and invites your tax deductible donation today!

Program Details

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This allows you to notate either Families Program or Ninos Del Sol Program)
Also, please send Janette an email at with “donation” in the subject line so she can personally thank you and send you a special gift 🙂

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Peak #2 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Peakanthropy Spotlight: Janette had the honor and privilege of visiting and spending time with some of the children from the Kilimanjaro Kids Community. This special home for children in need was created by World Wide Trekking as part of their Human Outreach Project and mission to have a positive impact in areas they climb.
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Peak #3 Mt. Whitney

Peakanthropy Spotlight: Coming Soon…